Obedience Training in Redcliffe and North Brisbane


Next course commences Wednesday 21st of September 2016!


Held at Brighton Roosters Junior Rugby League Club, 10th Ave, Brighton


Group Obedience Classes: $175 for 6 weekly sessions.  Contact us for more information.  Wednesday 6.45pm and Saturday 9.30am.


Semi-Private Obedience Classes: $300 for 6 weekly sessions (3:1 dog to instructor ratio, for more reactive/excitable dogs). Contact us for more information. Only available Saturday 8am..


These courses will not address resource guarding/possessiveness, high levels of anxiety, or aggression of any kind. However, these issues can be addressed in private behaviour modification sessions that can be arranged through Foundations Dog Training.  Contact us for more information.


More information on our obedience and puppy classes


You will need to bring a lead, appropriate collar or harness, your preferred food reward and your puppy’s favourite toy. Shock collars, prong collars, and check-chains WILL NOT be permitted during this course. Current proof of vaccination will be required before participating in training sessions. Appropriate, closed-toe footwear is a requirement for anyone participating in training activities.


Our obedience courses have very limited numbers with a dog to trainer ratio of no more than 6:1. This is significantly lower than most other courses. This ensures that you and your dog will receive focussed attention and support throughout the lesson. Obedience coaching helps you build the Foundations of a healthy, happy relationship between you and your dog. The courses are taught using positive reinforcement which ensures the courses are enjoyable for humans and canines. No harsh techniques will be utilised. Foundations Dog Training believes in teaching their dogs through rewards and praise. The result is a dog who is eager to please, happy, and relaxed.   Courses will be offered at various locations, with puppy obedience training and preschool in the Brisbane, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers area. contact Foundations Dog Training on 0438 108 626 for locations, start dates, and any other enquiries.