Expert Dog Training in Brisbane, North Brisbane and Redcliffe




Foundations Dog Training provides professional coaching sessions to set you and your dog up for a happy future. As an internationally recognised Guide Dog Trainer, we focus on using positive reinforcement to teach you and your pet how to communicate and maintain a happy and healthy relationship. We offer both private and group sessions which include laying the foundations, behaviour modification and dog obedience training which can be tailored to your needs.


Teaching your dog obedience and communication


Whether the issue is incessant barking, separation anxiety, jumping up on guests or anything else, we can help you work as a team and understand each other’s signals. We don’t condone the use of shock collars, check-chains or any other uses of negative coaching as it can harm the process and lay a poor foundation for your relationship. Instead, we use techniques such as operant and classical conditioning that is backed up by research and used with animals all over the world.


If your four legged friend has anxiety issues, an aggressive temperament or anything else that may affect our coaching, we will customise training classes for your dog in a way that provides the ideal environment for positive learning. To ensure we can design a program to the best of our ability, we offer you a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION for dog training anywhere in the Redcliffe, Brisbane and Brisbane North areas to assess behaviour to provide a basis from which we can begin.


Enjoy the benefits of professional training


If you book a private lesson, we come to your location and provide one on one training in general obedience and specific behaviour modification as required. Unlike our competitors, we keep our group classes small so that you get the attention you need instead of being drowned out by the crowd.

While we are based in Redcliffe, dog obedience training in Brisbane Northside and other surrounding areas is well within our reach, so book your free consultation today by calling 0438 108 626 or enquiring through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!